Sell Your Guns For Fast Cash

We are the trusted source to sell your firearms for cash. You can either visit our physical gun store in Davie, Florida and get a no-obligation cash offer to sell your guns or you can get a free and fast online quote. While “buy more, sell less” is a common statement for many gun owners, there are times where you need to sell firearms from your collection. Whether you’re in a tight spot because you need some cash, you’ve inherited a large collection of guns or you are looking to trade to purchase another, Buddy’s can help you legally sell your guns for more. 



We Buy Gun Estates

We frequently buy firearm estates and offer fair prices. We often deal with gun owners who don't actually want to be gun owners. However, we have a longstanding commitment to integrity that ensures we offer everyone who contacts us the same honest, accurate and free appraisals. If you have inherited a collection of guns but can’t identify them or don’t know their worth, we are happy to give you a fair value quote to purchase them. There is no minimum or maximum quantity of guns that we will purchase. We will buy new guns, old guns and pretty much any model or condition. Sell your handguns, shotguns, rifles or antique guns to Buddy’s Smoking Gun and be confident you are selling to an ethical company for a good price. 


Steps To Sell Your Guns With Buddy's Smoking Gun

Buddy’s is proud to offer a safe, legal and secure selling process that is designed to make our customers feel comfortable and confident. Our team of experts can identify all guns and come up with a reasonable offer to purchase them. If you choose to bring your gun into our store in Davie, Florida, one of our team members will take a hands-on approach to carefully examining each firearm. Our experts love getting the opportunity to see the unique weapons that our customers bring in, which is why we’re happy to offer free estimates.

If you decide to accept the offer and you’re in the store, we will draw up the paperwork on the spot. Once everything is ready, we will give you money for your firearm so we can add it to our inventory. If you choose to sell your gun through our website, you will be able to ship your firearm to Buddy’s with a prepaid label that we will provide you. Once we’ve received the gun, we will send you the money that we agreed on.


Sell Your Gun In Person

  1. Visit our Buddy’s Smoking Gun store at 4004 SW 64th Ave, Dania, FL 33314

  2. Allow us 5-10 minutes to inspect your gun(s) and do research on a fair offer

  3. Provide your state issued photo ID 

  4. We check our resources to determine that the gun is not stolen

  5. Get an on the spot cash offer for your gun(s)




Sell Your Gun Online

  1. Fill out the form above to describe each gun you are looking to sell

  2. Provide the brand/model and serial number of the firearm (if known)

  3. Let us know if the gun is in working condition

  4. Provide details of accessories or packaging included with the gun

  5. Submit 3-5 clear pictures of each gun from different angles (left side, right side, entire gun)

  6. Enter your name, email and phone number to contact you back with an offer

  7. We will then email or call you with an offer to purchase your gun and coordinate shipping your gun to us. 

  8. If you accept our offer, we send you a shipping label and charge usually $20-$80 depending on the size and weight of the package. 

  9. After we receive and inspect the gun, we will pay you either Zelle, Venmo or PayPal if it is in the condition that we quoted you on.


If you have any questions regarding selling your gun or multiple guns, please don’t hesitate to call our store at (754) 223-3400. 


Selling Multiple Guns in an Estate

We understand that firearm collecting is not for everyone. Many people inherit a family member's gun collection and that could be worth a lot of money. The problem that many people face is that they don’t know what they have or what the true value of their inherited guns are. We are one of the largest and most trusted firearm estate buyers in Florida. 

In many cases, firearm estates include some higher end, rare guns that are collectible. It is hard for an average civilian to ascertain which brands or models of guns are rare and valuable. Also, we understand that there are times where these firearm estates come with a lot of sentimental value. Even if we’re not able to offer you a large sum of money for a particular gun, we promise to treat you and the firearm with the utmost respect. Of course, you do not have to sell the entire estate when you choose to let us give you an estimate on its value. Until the paperwork is done and the cash is in your hand, the weapons are yours and will be treated as such.


How to Avoid Scams When Selling Your Guns

Unfortunately, there are countless businesses, both online and physical pawn shops that don’t operate with the honesty and integrity that we do. Fortunately, there are a couple simple steps that you can take to ensure that you are not falling prey to a scam when you’re selling your guns.

The first step is to make sure that you are as informed as possible about the firearms that you own. While we certainly don’t expect every customer to be a gun expert, it’s a good idea for you to do some research. This means that you will know if another gun store is trying to scam you with a low offer.

Speaking of those gun stores that try to scam you, the best step that you can take to protect yourself against gun-buying scams is to choose a buyer with a legitimate reputation and many years in business. We never recommend selling your guns to random people you find on the internet and recommend selling to physical establishments that have at least 50-100 reviews with at least a 4.0 Google rating. If you are selling to a private seller, make sure to accept cash instead of a check or crypto since that can help you avoid popular scams. When you choose to sell at Buddy’s, you’re choosing a company that has been offering gun owners fair prices for their firearms for decades. 




Sell Your Guns to a Store with an Established FFL (Federal Firearms License)

Buddy’s Smoke Gun has had a FFL for several decades, which means that we not only have the legal ability to buy and sell firearms, but we are trusted experts. We have become one of the most recognized names in firearms, as we buy and sell thousands of guns each month. Customers continue to choose Buddy's Smoking Gun because we pay more than other websites and gun stores. Remember, you can save 5% on a new or used gun when you sell your gun in person to Buddy's Smoking Gun in Davie, Florida. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any other questions on selling your firearms for cash.