Buying a Gun in Florida

What are the requirements to buy a gun in Florida?

  • You must be 21 years of age or older[1]
  • Must be a Florida resident[2]
  • Must be a US Citizen or a legal permanent resident alien with a valid USCIS or alien registration number[3]
  • Must pass a background check

Requirement Exemptions:
[1]Rifles and shotguns may be purchased by a person who is at least 18 when that person is a law enforcement officer or correctional officer, or a servicemember as defined in F.S. 943.10 and F.S. 250.01. However, in accordance with our company policy, we do not sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21.
[2]Long guns may be purchased by non-Florida residents in compliance with applicable laws in the purchaser's state of residence.
[3]Non-resident aliens visiting Florida must present a border crossing number (I-94) and a valid exception document.

What documents do I need to buy a gun in Florida?

  • A valid government-issued photo ID (example: driver's license or passport). If the ID presented does not show or match your current address, an additional government issued document with your current address must be presented (example: vehicle registration).
  • Non-resident aliens visiting Florida must present a border crossing number (I-94) and a valid exception document.

Do you need a permit to buy a gun in Florida?

No, you do not need a permit to buy a gun in Florida. However, a Florida concealed weapon license is required to conceal carry a firearm in Florida.

Do I get my gun right away or is there a waiting period?

If you do not have a Florida Conceal Carry Weapons License (CCWL), there is a waiting period of three days, excluding weekends and state holidays, between purchase and delivery of all firearms. However, individual counties and cities have the authority to enact local ordinances extending the waiting period to as much as five days.
Note: In Broward county, where we are located, the waiting period is five business days.

How many guns can I buy at a time?

There is no limit to the number of firearms that may be transferred in a single transaction. The transaction is considered complete once the dealer has completed and signed the ATF Form 4473. An additional transfer (whether minutes later, the next day, or the next month) requires an additional background check.

Firearm Transfers

Do you accept firearm transfers?

Yes, as a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) and NFA/Class 3 dealer, we accept firearm transfers from both unlicensed individuals—i.e. someone who is not an FFL dealer— and other federal firearms licensees (FFLs).

Under Federal law, an unlicensed individual is prohibited from transferring a firearm to an individual who does not reside in the State where the transferee resides. Generally, for a person to lawfully transfer a firearm to an unlicensed person who resides out of State, the firearm must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) within the recipient's State of residence.

Transfers from Unlicensed Individuals

You must include a valid copy of your government-issued photo ID as well as the customer's information with your shipment.

Transfers from FFL Dealers

To request a copy of our FFL for your records, please contact us online or call 754-223-3400.

*For more information please refer to the ATF website at www.atf.gov/questions-and-answers/firearms-qas or the Florida Firearm Statutes and Codes.

Shipping & Returns

Please Contact Us with any additional questions regarding shipping and returns.