Remington - Model 11 Shotgun


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The Remington Model 11, America's first autoloading shotgun, was designed by the legendary John Moses Browning.

First produced under the name Remington Autoloading Shotgun, but renamed to Model 11 in 1911.

It was offered in 12-gauge, 16-gauge and 20-gauge models. During its production period from 1905 to 1947 approximately 850,000 were built. 

At first, only 12-gauge models were built, until 1930 when the 20-gauge was introduced, followed by the 16-gauge the following year.

Over the course of its history, the gun had various “grades” that included Standard, Riot, Police, Special, Trap, Tournament, Expert, and Premier. There was also a three-shot Sportsman model added in 1931.

Remington made some 65,000 Model 11s for Browning to help the Allies during World War II. The United States Navy trained with the Model 11 during World War II. But other branches also received at least some examples of the shotgun. All the guns supplied to the US armed forces were olive drab and had a Government property marking. The 11 was followed by the improved Remington Model 11-48 with nearly another half million built.