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357 MAG

The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955 and has been described as "the finest production revolver ever made" by firearm experts like Jeff Cooper and writer Ian Vernon Hogg. Designed for the premium revolver market segment, this firearm has been frequently used by target shooters and law enforcement.

It's a double action handgun chambered in .357 Magnum and is built on Colt's large L-frame. Pythons were extensively hand-fitted and polished by experienced gunsmiths, and are renowned for their impeccable quality, accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and tight cylinder lock-up.

Because of its quality and prestige, the Python has enjoyed a loyal following for many years, which has only been fueled by its many appearances in films, television and even video games. From its first appearance in the movie Marlowe (1969), it has since appeared in blockbuster movies like Scarface, Fight Club, The Departed, and most recently in the The Walking Dead television series.

In 1999, Colt ceased mass production of Python revolvers although a limited number on special order were made by the Colt Custom Gun Shop until 2005. Limited varients have since been re-released by Colt starting in 2020.